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Cat-Clamp - Catsafe
Cat-Clamp - Catsafe

Cat-Lock (rope blocker)


The Cat-Lock, the key to the system:

The system "Cat-Lock"is used for the balcony protection so that you can guide and hook each string "Cat-line"At its end. Originally intended for the balcony protection, you can also use this system for any other use requiring the blocking of one or more ropes.

The system is provided with a self-locking system for maintaining the rope in its housing. This system facilitates its installation and does not require the help of anyone. 

the Cat-Lock is composed of 3 serrated claws allowing to retain up to 3 diameters of rope: 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.

By default you will have in your pack a string to be divided into 3 sections. Each of these sections will be housed in the self-locking system.

Cat-Lock fixation:

The part is fixed to the railing by means of a very powerful "double-sided" gluing which can withstand temperature variations ranging from 0 ° C to more than 60 ° C Max. As the temperature variations are sometimes significant, we recommend that you use the primer "Cat-Prime"supplied as standard in your Pack but also available on our site. Depending on the nature of your guardrail, the temperature can diffuse and modify the physical properties of the adhesive.

Strengthening the solution:

In order to strengthen the solution and for all those who have an openwork balcony with bars, you can use a strap to slide into the specific space of the Cat-Lock. The width of the space dedicated to the strap is 25 mm maximum. We offer several categories and lengths of straps to adapt to the different diameters and shapes of your guardrail.

The shape and circumference of the guardrails are not standardized, we have 2 sizes of adjustable straps that you can choose according to your configuration. You will find it on our site under the reference "Cat-strap"

Dimensions du Cat-Lock: L: 60mm x l: 40mm x H: 27mm

Mode de paiement

Le Cat-Clamp est le collier de serrage indispensable au maintien de la solution sur les barres arrondies et ajourées.

Le "Cat-Clamp" s'adapte à tous les styles de rambardes dans la mesure ou vous pouvez encercler votre rambarde du collier de serrage fourni avec le Kit.

Vous trouverez également sur notre site la référence "Cat-Rounbar-Kit" composé de 3 éléments : 
- Support au format arrondi (Cat-Roundbar)
- Le collier de serrage (Cat-Clamp)
- la vis de serrage (Cat-Clamp-screw)

Les Cat-Clamp sont disponibles en plusieurs packs :  5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100

Cat Clamp

Cat-Clamp : Collier de serrage


Protection des balcons en forme de L - pour les chats

Cat Protection Packs - L Shaped Balconies

Protection pour balcons en forme de U - pour les chats

Cat protection packs - U-shaped balconies

Protection pour balcons linéaires - pour les chats

Cat Protection Packs - Linear Balconies

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