How to prepare your cat for your absence during the holidays

Going on vacation when you have a cat requires preparation to ensure that our pet stays safe and happy in our absence. Here are tips for preparing your cat for your absence.


1. Choose the right childcare method

Decide if your cat will be better off at home with visits to house-sitting, cat boarding, or if a friend can look after it.

Advice :

Familiarize your cat with the person or location before leaving to reduce anxiety.

2. Maintain routine

Cats are creatures of habit. Maintaining their usual routine can reduce the stress caused by your absence.

Advice :

Leave detailed instructions for the sitter to ensure your cat's eating and playing habits are respected.

3. Secure environment

Make sure your home is a safe environment for your cat while you are away.

Advice :

Check that windows are secure and toxic plants are out of reach.

4. Toys and entertainment

Leave enough toys for your cat to keep busy while you are gone.

Advice :

Interactive toys or food dispensers can help keep your cat occupied.

Conclusion :

A little preparation can make your absence much easier on your cat and allow you to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

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