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Useful information about cats - how to secure your balcony

  • Les 5 comportements mystérieux des chats décryptés

    Ah, les chats! Ces créatures élégantes, mystérieuses et souvent imprévisibles sont les sujets de fascination pour beaucoup d'entre nous. Pourtant, ...
  • securing balconies

    Our cats are endowed with a certain ability to assess their environment as if nothing had happened and yet they do so with great care. If it works the first time they won't hesitate to start again unless we make life a little more difficult for them. It is therefore necessary to provide a framework that can dissuade or prevent them from climbing on this narrow surface and doing acrobatics like "Nadia Comaneci".
  • Persian cat

    The Persian cat is a breed of long-haired cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle.

    It is also known as the Persian Longhair.

  • Sacred of Burma

    The Sacred of Burma -

    Although the earlier history of the Burmese is in the midst of a ton of folklore, its origin on European soil would come from a pair of Burmese cats being stolen from the temples of Burma and brought back to an American's yacht in the 20s.

  • Parachute cats

    Whether it's a myth, a miracle, or a physical wonder, the idea of a cat always landing on its feet is firmly rooted in feline lore. 
  • Do cats see colors?

    Have you ever wondered how your cat sees colors? Experts have looked into the issue to draw some conclusions.