Cats and the cold: how to protect them in winter

Winter can be difficult for cats, especially those who live outdoors. Here's how you can protect your cat from the cold.

Access to a Warm Shelter: Make sure your cat has access to a warm, dry place to take refuge.

Veterinary Control: Visits to the veterinarian before winter can help detect and prevent health problems made worse by the cold.

Nutrition and Hydration: A slightly higher caloric intake may be necessary in winter, as well as access to unfrozen water.

Beware of Antifreeze and Deicing Salt: These substances can be toxic to cats. Clean their paws and fur if they come into contact with these products.


Taking steps to protect your cat from the cold is crucial during the winter months. Proper shelter, veterinary care, and careful attention to winter hazards can keep them safe and comfortable.


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