Cats and music: what genres do they prefer?

Music is an art form that affects not only humans but also our four-legged companions. Recent studies have explored cats' musical preferences and how certain genres can affect their behavior.

Les chats et la musique : quels genres préfèrent-ils ?

Research into cats' musical preferences

  • Cat-specific music: Researchers have created melodies specifically designed for cats' hearing, incorporating tempos and frequencies similar to meows and purrs.

  • Reaction to different genres: Studies show that cats seem less stressed and calmer when listening to classical music, compared to louder genres like rock or pop.

Effects of music on cat behavior

  • Stress reduction: Classical music, in particular, has been effective in reducing stress in cats in potentially stressful environments like veterinary clinics.

  • Stimulation cognitive: Certain genres of music can stimulate cats' interest and curiosity, making them more playful and interactive.

Tips for Playing Music to Your Cat

  • Moderate volume: Keep the volume low so as not to startle or frighten your cat.

  • Observation of reactions: Pay attention to your cat's reactions and adjust the type of music accordingly.


Although research is still ongoing, it is clear that music has an impact on the well-being of cats. As a cat owner, experimenting with different genders can be a fun and rewarding way to interact with your feline companion.

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