Apartment cat syndrome: how to prevent it?

Apartment cat syndrome refers to a set of behavioral and health problems encountered by cats living primarily or exclusively indoors. These problems can include obesity, stress, boredom and destructive behaviors. This article proposes prevention strategies to guarantee the well-being of indoor cats.


Prevention strategies

  • Enrichment of the environment: Offer toys, scratching posts, and cat trees to physically and mentally stimulate the cat.
  • Controlled diet: Monitor food intake to prevent obesity, favoring a balanced diet and meals at fixed times.
  • Regular physical activity: Encourage daily play and exercise to keep the cat active and healthy.
  • Social interaction: Spend time each day playing and interacting with the cat to strengthen the bond and reduce stress.


Apartment cat syndrome can seriously affect cats' quality of life. By implementing prevention strategies focused on environmental enrichment, healthy eating, regular exercise, and social interaction, it is possible to prevent or minimize these problems.


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