Tips for a happy and healthy cat in an apartment

Well-being in an apartment
For cats living in apartments, it is crucial to ensure a stimulating and secure environment. Physical and mental well-being play a central role in overall health.

Enriched environment:

  • Play areas: Set up spaces with various toys and climbing structures.
  • Accessible windows: Allow access to secure windows so the cat can observe the outside.
  • Health and nutrition:

  • Regular veterinary check-ups: Annual exams help monitor general health and prevent disease.
  • Balanced diet: Provide food appropriate to the age, weight and health of the cat.
  • Interactions sociales :

  • Play time: Devoting time each day to play with the cat strengthens the emotional bond and reduces boredom.


  • Ohio State University's "Indoor Cat Initiative" offers strategies for enriching the environment of indoor cats.
  • “Feline Behavior and Welfare” by Andrew F. Fraser, discusses the behavior and well-being of cats in confined environments.