How to protect your cat from falls from balconies and terraces


Is your favorite animal one of the adventurers who like to see if the grass is greener elsewhere?

If you live in the city and have a balcony or patio, you've probably noticed your cat's interest in outdoor activity and his desire to explore this area that is inevitably interesting for him.

Our first instinct is to say, "no you can't go on the terrace, it's too dangerous", like a child. And since he cannot answer, he will have to be satisfied with a unilateral decision. We have all heard of frequent falls from cats wandering around on the balcony or on a ledge. Their desire to explore the surroundings is part of their deep nature and the first moments will be important to follow as it evolves in this new territory. It is therefore necessary to delimit it so as not to give him the possibility of feeling free to go where he wants.

Studies in this area show very different characters and very different explored territories from one cat to another. Some will by nature want to try the experience, others will remain very wise despite our stereotypical thinking: a cat jumps, it jumps high and everywhere, it is fast and sometimes stupid.

He would obviously like to wander at his convenience from balcony to balcony without being worried, but on your side, you only fear one thing, that he will slip and not come back, because that is probably what is likely to happen. happen or with serious bodily injury.

Despite what we think, we need to teach them well established rules of conduct and outing routines, chances are they will stick to them over time.

While you are going to take advantage of this space when the weather is fine, your cat would also like to bask or simply enjoy a good renewal of air. From experience, and as he goes out, you will see his character soften, be calmer, it is also a good therapy to make him spend less long and boring days.  

We must therefore remove some constraints and adapt our balconies and terraces so that they too can enjoy this pleasant place when the sunny days arrive. So you have to prepare your environment and avoid what we all fear.

Here are a few practices that are often put forward that can help your cat avoid acrobatics and put him in danger.


What are the solutions that you can put in place 


Install a plexiglass barrier up to the height of your railing. 

  • The advantage: it does not pass through bars, you let outside light pass through and you allow your cat to look outside.
  • Disadvantage: You give it the possibility of being able to climb more easily on the guardrail by giving it a support.

 Advice : If you choose this solution, consider the complete with the solution Catsafe to dissuade him from getting on the railing.


Install a Canisse barrier with an overhang of your guardrail. 

  • Advantage: None, except preventing your neighbors from seeing you.
  • Disadvantage: You prevent your cat from seeing outdoor activity. By preventing him from seeing outside, you will force his curiosity and make him want to climb on the canisse. Except that if it goes beyond your railing, the arrival may be more than chaotic and a more than precarious balance. Another disadvantage, you will turn your back on the condominium which hates this kind of unflattering design for the enhancement of your building.

Conseil: Avoid and possibly prefer the first solution.


Use flower boxes as a prevention system:

  • Advantage: It is simply prettier and if you have a green thumb you will have a beautiful final visual.
  • Disadvantage: You won't necessarily prevent your cat from getting on your flower box and accessing the railing if curiosity takes hold. This system should be linear over the entire length of your guardrail to avoid spaces between each planter and therefore a direct jump on the guardrail.

Advice : Add the solution Catsafe to prevent it from climbing onto the guardrail from the flower box or with direct access. He will be content to stay on this promontory to look at the surrounding landscape.

See attached example: 

Balcon avec bac à fleurs 


Use the nets as a partial or complete protection system:

  • Advantage: It is quite simply very safe and efficient. Your cat will be able to have fun with the net, climb on it and enjoy the outdoor space without risk.
  • Disadvantage: it is better to provide a return on the upper part to prevent it from climbing to the top or completely closing your balcony. There is a good chance that the condominium is not quite in tune with this Design so generally you will have to ignore it. And in addition, it is not very nice to live on a daily basis either. The other aspect concerns the installation, which is not always easy, and the cost of the service, which is generally tailor-made because each balcony is different.

Advice : none in particular except to think twice.


"I believe cats are spirits that came to Earth.
A cat, I am convinced, could walk on a cloud "
Jules Verne